Thursday, January 31, 2013

Real Life

Hello Friends!
I haven't posted in a while just thought I would update you.
Times are a changing for Life in 1000sqft.

I'm on the move, literally!

I hate moving... it's a huge mess here! I don't know about you, but I get stressed out when things are not tidy. 

I had to sell my fridge, so I'm using my drink fridge and my cooler for the meantime.  It's packed with the essentials.  Raise your hand if you had to live out of a cooler once!

When I first moved here, I thought "How am I going to live in such a small space?"  But I managed to cram more than I thought this space could possibly hold, and I'm paying for it now. So it's garage sale time.

My partner in crime as always, Teddy.

That's my real life in 1000sqft.  Hope to post soon after the move. Follow me as I get the new place done up to my liking.

With all my heart,


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in 1000sqft

Christmas is 6 days away! Are you ready? 
I am. All of the gifts I give are handmade.  They truly come from my heart.
For our family it is not about the gifts, it's about the
Reason for the Season!

I haven't posted lately, but today I wanted to share my Christmas tree with you all.

All of my decorations are after Christmas sales.  I have wonderful memories of me and my girlfriends shopping after Christmas.

The reindeer were found in the gift wrapping section, but they work great on my tree.

The glass birds cost me 45 cents,  what a deal!

I stuff all kinds of things in my tree.

The reason for the season!

Joy unspeakable joy!

I have a thing for tree's.

My tree topper is to heavy for my tree so I just laid it at the bottom along with this adorable snow man.

I have a sprinkling here and there.

Love this little tree.

My wreath is hanging over my buffet.

I love all things mercury.

I'm trying to grow paper whites,  can't wait till they bloom.

My tree sits on top of a dresser in my living room.  So there you have it 
Christmas in 1000sqft.

Merry Christmas friends.
May the Lord bless you and keep you.

To My BFF, I'm sending my love and prayers to you and your family.  May the Lord give you courage, 
strength and endurance.

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See you next time for more of my life in 1000sqft.

With all my heart,


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amarissia is Turning One

Hello Friends,
Ive been busy getting ready for Baby Amarissa's 1st Birthday. So take a look and see what I've been up to.

 Her theme is mod monkey,
but we're actually using the colors pink and green more then the monkey.
 take a look at the number one that I made.

Pom poms, pom poms and more pom poms.  These are so easy to make and they add a hugh punch of color.

 This is what she's wearing. I think she's going to look ado-ra-ble. 

Its going to be a small family affair, but I think we should celebrate big after all you only turn 1 once in your life.  The party is Saturday so be back soon to share.

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With all my heart,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving
My Friends!

I'm so thankful for...

The Lords saving grace

May the Lord Bless you and your families.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lilli's Wedding Day

On November 3rd our Lilli got married. 

She was such a beautiful bride.

Waiting with anticipation...

1st look!

Vow's were spoken.

Traditions upheld.

Kiss your bride!

The wedding party.

The flowers.

The first dance.

Lord I ask that you would take this couple into your hands.
  Help them Lord to keep firm in the commitment they just made.
 I pray that you give them Patience,
 tolerance and understanding as they begin to adjust to married life.
I pray that they will respect each other,
open their hearts to give and receive forgiveness.
that each may be to the other a strength in need,
 a comfort in sorrow and a companion it joy.
All these things I ask in your holy and precious name,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My First Born

31 years ago today I became a Mother. Not just any Mother though, I became
Jessika's Mother. 

The best baby ever!

I'm very proud of her she has grown to be a beautiful women and a loving mother.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May he give you strength when you lack it and courage when you need it.  I pray you find joy in all circumstances, and rely on the word of the Lord for encouragement. 
May God bless you Today, Tomorrow and Always.

Happy Birthday! To my Jessika
Love you,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Hello Friends,

I was out sailing and I thought I would share my finds with you.

I love to find pictures of girl friends or girls and old cars. There's one where all the girls are sitting in the trunk of a car.  So cool!

I've been on the hunt for wooden hangers lately.  This one is from New York.

I got a few of these old cheese graters, not sure what I'm doing with them yet...

I got some iron brackets and an old colander and a sweet mold with 2 lambs.

I'm  not into dolls, but I really liked this doll head. I found it in a box with a lot of other doll pieces like arms and legs and headless bodys.  Kinda of creepy,  but I bought it anyway.

Look at her now, she looks so cute I think it brings out her personality.

I've been looking for another sewing machine so I can do some heavy duty sewing.

It's a 301 Baby!!

 This little lady is gonna sew her heart out for me.  She's in good condition she just needs to be cleaned up a bit and she's ready to go.  I can't wait to take her for a joy ride.

So that's my loot from last week.  I also got a couple of frames and I got some free wood to make some signs with.

Take a look at some signs I just did with some of the free wood.

Well that's it for now stay tuned for more of my life in 1000sqft.
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With all my heart,



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